September Member of the Month

Meet this weeks’ member in the spotlight – AYLA JOHNSON!
This little powerhouse is going places! 4 months in and she’s almost got her first muscle-up!

Day Job: Accountant, Blackburn Business Advisers

Fitness Background BC (Before CrossFit): As a kid and throughout my teens I did little athletics, and after I finished school I’ve always tried to stay fit by going to gym a few times a week and training outdoors.

Why did you start CrossFit? What do you get out of it? I initially started crossFit because I was very curious to see what it was all about and whether it would suit me. Turns out I absolutely love it, training in a group of highly motivated people has shown me I could do things I never knew/or thought I could do. Each week I feel more comfortable with the movements and I’m constantly learning new things the body can do.

Why CrossFit Hunter? I heard great feedback from friends who are members at CrossFit hunter. Very happy with the decision, the community at CF Hunter is AMAZING and I don’t know what I would do without them now

Best Hunter moment/story? I’d have to say the WOD in the Open where we had to do chest to bar pull-ups in the scaled version. I had no idea how I was going to do them, as I was new to crossFit and still doing ring rows. When it came to it, I got on the bar and started doing these pull-ups! This was a shock for me and also to everyone I was training with at the time.

Favourite Movement? Back squats / Pull ups.

Least favourite movement? I’d have to say Snatching! This one is a work in progress!