November Member of the Month

Meet this months member in the spotlight – Danielle Trumm
Age: 24
Day job: I’m a Research/Communications Officer for a study at the University of Newcastle.
Tell us something we don’t know about you? I play the saxophone.
Fitness Background (before starting CrossFit): Before I started CrossFit, I visited my local gym maybe four or five times a week. I also played netball, was a competitive swimmer and I snow ski at least once a year.
Why did you start CrossFit? I started CrossFit after some friends of mine recommended it because I was looking to improve my fitness levels and because I wanted to be a part of a team/community to help motivate me.
How has CrossFit changed your life? CrossFit has changed my life completely! I feel stronger and I actually look forward to exercising now! I may’ve also developed obsession with socks thanks to Crossfit.
What’s your favourite WOD or movement? Burpees, Box Jumps and Back Squats.
What’s your current goal? I have many, but right now I’d like to achieve strict pull-ups by Christmas.
What do you love most about the CF Hunter community? Every time I go to a session at CF Hunter I learn new things, feel supported by everyone there and I have fun! That’s what I love most about the CF Hunter community.