Meet Tony Rose AKA Mr T
Age: 45 Years Old.  The older I become. The fitter I get…
Occupation: Electrician. Signal Electrician on the Railway – Shift Worker.
Tell us something we don’t know about you:
I love to watch youtube clips that make me cry.
The simple act of caring remains an endless ripple…
Fitness Background:
I grew up on Bar Beach Ave so I pretty much surfed everyday as a grommet at Bar Reef and sailed in the summer months on Lake Macquarie and Port Hunter. In my 30’s I loved long distant running.
Why did you start Crossfit:
Health! Working in a safety critical environment my company provided regular health checks for all employees. Over a number of years from the age of 38, my body and wellbeing began to trend downwards. Key performance indicators such as muscle mass, bone mass, blood pressure/glucose and HDL cholesterol all illustrated my slow decline in overall health.
I looked at my options of a ‘Global Gym’ versus a ‘Crossfit – Box’ and I thought to myself it was time to do life differently. I have never looked back at my decision to change to our Box – Crossfit Hunter.
How has Crossfit changed your life?
I felt a true change within myself during Open Work-out 16.4 (scaled). In those 13 minutes of pain I acknowledged that continuous hard work and a passion to try just that bit more can lead to a healthy existence in my late 40’s and beyond. Can 1 hour of Crossfit training out of a possible 24 hour day really make a difference to my physical health and mental wellbeing? YES.
What’s your favourite WOD or movement?
Give me any cardio or plyometric move and I will do it passionately – box jump paired with burpees. Love them.
If I am loving those movements, do you know what I am fearing? All barbell workouts. Snatch – I lack confidence under the bar.  Cleans or Power Cleans – I am still using my arms versus my whole body to do all the work. “When the arms bend, the power ends” is my motto to change my ways.
What’s your current goal?
Rx Master Men 50’s in the Open.
Current age – 45. Therefore, I have the next 5 years to develop barbell confidence and a host of other short term goals including muscle ups, HSPU, overhead squats, pistol squats to complete my long term dream. It really will be one rep at a time until I can do AMRAP.
What do you love most about the CF Hunter Community?
I feel every single member that turns up for a CF Hunter’s class is passionate about health and is passionate about fitness.
I feel every single member that turns up for a CF Hunter’s class wants to fulfil a goal of any scale, of any magnitude because CF Hunter focuses on being better than yesterday.
The CF Hunter Community is as simple as the push and pull exercises we do in the class.
Push: We push each other to excel in health and fitness.
Pull: We pull together to fulfil our goals, hopes and aspirations.