Member of the Month - May 2019

Meet Joanne!

Age: 40 something oh well ok then, two and a half months shy of the big 50!

Day job: I'm on a year's leave from my job in New Zealand where I am a primary school teacher. In Newcastle I am a Administration Assistant / Cleaner.

Tell us something we don't know about you?
In 2011, I couldn't feel anything from my waist down for about 3 months. At first it felt like pins and needles in my feet then it slowly moved up to my waist. Turns out I had damaged my spin at the T7. I could walk but slowly as I had to use my eyes to check where the ground was. It was a scary experience.

Fitness Background (before starting CrossFit):
Nothing, but the year before I was at NBR Functional Training in Porirua, New Zealand (it was like a Bootcamp).

Why did you start CrossFit?
For fitness, to challenge myself and to meet people.

How has CrossFit changed your life?
I am physically and mentally stronger now. I drink a lot more water then previously and eating healthier. I am challenging myself more by entering events. I actually find I get grumpy if I haven't been training for a few days.

What’s your favourite WOD or movement?
I don't have a favorite - YET. I just enjoy the WOD when I can do the movement, can finish within the time and still be breathing!

What's your current goal?
​I have several: to complete a half marathon, to jump on that bloody box and to do a muscle up.

What do you love most about the CF Hunter community?
​The CF Hunter Community are THE BEST! They are friendly. They encourage you to push yourself. They are supportive as they will mentor you when you need it and cheer you on. They challenge you to be a better you.