Meet this months member in spotlight – Brittany Smith
Age: 17
Day job: Year 12 Student at St Philips Christian College, Waratah and work a part time job as a receptionist at Total Balance Chiropractic.
Tell us something we don’t know about you: Unlike most people, I can lick my elbow, It has won me a bet or two.
Fitness Background (before starting CrossFit):
Before Crossfit I was a dancer, a gymnast, played hockey, soccer, did nippers, and was a competitive swimmer.
Why did you start Crossfit:
I started Crossfit when my mum convinced me to go and after watching the Fit and Fresh competition that she was entering, the atmosphere, the movements, the people all intrigued me into starting. I was looking to get stronger and fitter in a team environment and try new things.
How has CrossFit changed your life:
Crossfit has changed my outlook on health and fitness incredibly. I feel so much stronger, fitter. I look forward to getting up every morning, doing something new, conquering something I never thought I would be able to do and always striving towards a new goal or a new movement/weight. I can definitely say that I have become addicted and I look forward to exercising every morning surround by the most amazing, motivational, supportive and inspirational people.
What’s your favourite WOD or movement: Overhead Squats, Split Jerks, Box Jumps