Meet Kylie Paddison (The energiser bunny)
Age: 33
Day job: Injury Management Advisor
Tell us something we don’t know about you? I ran Against Jana Pittman multiple times at State/National Athletics championships in hurdles. Needless to say, she was much better than me. 
Fitness Background (before starting CrossFit) – Growing up I was a keen Basketball player and right into Athletics. I played representative Basketball for many years and it even got me a trip to the USA to play against colleague teams for a month. Trip of a life time. I pretty much played whatever sport I could at school, as I just loved sport. In my mid-teens I took up touch football after watching my brother play nationals. I played this at a representative level and still dabble every now and then. Just prior to joining the CrossFit cult, I was right into my long distance running (half marathon) and triathlons. I also Love Snowboarding.
Why did you start CrossFit? A couple of girls that I play touch with known Shal (who now owns Street Fx). She was training out of CrossFit Attitude at Mayfield (Now CrossFit origin) at the time and she recommended the girls come and do a session with her once a week for fitness. I tagged along and hated it. I thought it was so silly. Then I got talking to one of the guys at work that was right into CrossFit and I was complaining about the stupid kipping pull-up to him. He bet me I wouldn’t be able to master it in a week. He showed me a few tips and I practiced and nailed it. I showed him and I have loved the challenges ever since.
How has CrossFit changed your life? CrossFit isn’t just about the training, it’s a lifestyle. I train hard, I eat well (most of the time, I follow the 80/20 rule) and I empower who I am. It’s made me fitter than ever before (pre baby), more confident and is a great stress reliever for life/my line of work. It makes me happy and it pushes me to limits that I didn’t think I could and I try and transfer that motto into your everyday life. I have also made some lifelong friends.
What’s your favourite WOD or movement? I love Helen and my favourite movements are definitely box jumps, pull ups and running.
What’s your current goal? My goals now to before I had Taytum (she is my 14 month old daughter) are very different. I believe they are more balanced. My current training goal is just to be Awesome at life really and be the best version of myself. I also want to be a positive, influential, strong, empowering female role model for my little girl. I believe that is so important in today’s society.
What do you love most about the CF Hunter community? I love the kids and the parents. 9.30am is my favourite session, despite the fact Taytum may whinge in the pram and test out her lunges at times (sorry guys :P) When all of the kids and parents are there training, it truly warms my heart, as being a parent is the toughest, yet most rewarding thing you will do and to see everyone making that time to put their health and fitness first in their busy lives (and trust me, you don’t know what busy is until you have kids) is amazing. Hats off to you all and what great role models you are being for your kids.