August Member of the Month


Shauni has been surprising herself in many WODs lately but it’s no surprise to us! This quiet achiever is the epitome of determination and dedication.

Name: Shauni Urquhart

Day job: Working as a barista at Paleo cafe while studying nursing at Uni.

Fitness background BC (Before CrossFit)? I trained in taekwondo for 6 years as well as going to the gym but thought I’d change things up and I’m glad I did, CrossFit is so enjoyable and challenging.

Why Hunter? I moved to Newcastle last April and saw all these crazy people running up and down the hill so I decided to join not long after.

Favourite Hunter memory? The open definitely was a highlight but the day I first came, there was 2.4k of running. The last 400m I just wanted to stop but Chloe encouraged me and finished it with me.

Favourite movement? Funnily enough running is my favourite part now!

Least favourite movement? Overhead squats!